5 Most Used Linux Command

Linux for beginners

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After a few months of learning to code in the command line, I have come to understand and get to love using Linux to write most of my programs.

As a beginner who is starting to use Linux, you might find it challenging to use the command line especially if you have gotten so use to working on GUI.

In this post, I will share with you 10 most used Linux Command and it's uses.

  1. pwd: Since you are working in the command line, it might sometimes be difficult for you to know which directory you are working on, that's why pwd meaning print working directory will print out the current directory you are working on. Usage:

  2. cd: Also known as change directory will help you navigate your way into directory directory for example: to change into another directory in the same directory you type

    cd <directory_name>
  3. ls: Known as less will will all the files and directory in the current working directory

  4. sudo apt-get install: I use this command most of the time to install essential tools or programs into my Linux machine

    sudo apt-get install <program_name>
  5. ps: This command is used to print the PID or Process Id of all currently running processes within your Linux machine.


This are my most used Linux Command,which tend to come in whenever I work in the Linux CLI Thanks for reading.